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Blushing Comes Out Swinging on New Album


In the world of shoegaze, there are plenty of bands who sound like everyone else without little to show for it. With Austin’s Blushing, the four piece has always had the ability to stand out of the herd while reminding us why we adore the genre. On their new self-title full length out this Friday, they show us they can still throw us for a loop while holding our attention and bringing all of the tone at the same time.

The opening track tells the story in so many ways. With the unassuming opening tones of “So Many,” Blushing very softly lulls you into a sense of relaxed notes, with the pace of something less sinister. Though as the vocals become more prominent, as dos the music until the drop comes and it’s a swell of distorted and pedal drenched swells. The weight of the sound alone is defining in its heft, while the band begins the journey that is this album. The following song, “Dream Merchants,” opens by offering that classic shoegaze sound without lifting from anyone. This occurs again on “The Truth,” though the actual enchantment of the album comes in other places.

“The Last Time” has the band treading closer to nineties alternative bands that came from places like Brixton or Manchester, but it’s being done in a new and fresh way. “Pressure” feels like a wall of pedals intertwined with floating vocals that rise above the music, but it’s not just that as the song twists in varying directions, offering a chaos with the beauty. And while “Sunshine” has a wistful approach that grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go, it’s the post-punk touches of “Her” that we found the most engaging. The song has a depth where you can hear the band taking on new sounds without abandoning their past within the same release. The way the vocals sit in the pocket amidst these reverb soaked riffs feels almost heavenly, while the band really just gets you to flip the record over to experience it all once again.

Blushing is available to pre-order directly from Wallflower Records on a limited edition blue galaxy swirl vinyl ahead of its release September 06, it can also be pre-ordered from Hands And Moment on compact disc for those who live in Japan or outside of the United States. The album will also be available to stream on all platforms when it gets released this Friday and available to purchase in all online music stores as well. Blushing is on tour from September 07 in Houston, TX at Rudyard’s until November 02 in Denton, TX at Star Shine Fest. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Soto.

David Garrick

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