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Lead Track From Saba Lou is Stunning & Captivating


There’s a good chance that you may night be familiar with the music of Berlin’s Saba Lou. Recording since the age of eight, the singer performer has the ability to sway between sixties garage pop and swing with ease as if it’s second nature. Though she is the daughter of the illustrious King Khan, her sound is all her own all over her lovely new single “Primrose Diner” from her upcoming full length Novum Ovum coming in October.


With sixties garage and stunning vocals, Lou captivates you with her endearing approach. Mixing in a sound that could come with French garage pop and swing, the song picks up pace and holds plenty of hooks that stick in you when they drop in. The guitar use here has plenty of tones that will draw you in while her energy and swagger will keep your attention. Saba Lou is pulling from multiple spaces here while leaving her stamp in the process making us curious for what her album will sound like when it gets released.

“Primrose Diner” can be streamed on all platforms, it can be purchased in all digital outlets and Novum Ovum is available for pre-order directly from Ernest Jenning Record Co. ahead of its October 11 release. Saba Lou is set to perform at Synasthesie Festival in Berlin, Germany November 16 and 17. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Ernest Jenning.

David Garrick

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