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Rex Hudson Brings Fire to Long Awaited New Release


In recent years as the belt around electronic music has tightened and forced those within it to become more creative, listeners have gotten much stronger music as a result and reaped the benefits with better albums overall. Texas’ Rex Hudson doesn’t really have that problem, as he takes his time between releases and rarely drops anything that isn’t golden. On his new full length PERSONA, he gives his fans an album that’s rife with various tones and structures and proves real fast that it was worth the wait since his debut.

There’s a lot to unpack here as Hudson mixes techno and dream gaze with ease on the opener “Values.” The overall sound of the track is pulsating with touches of dark wave and synth pop, creating a weight that should get feet moving. Things continue to steer in a different direction on “Inhibitions,” with various soundscapes and beats that lay the groundwork for the vocals that sound like they’re coming from another dimension. While from a distance it appears Hudson is making synth pop, the album is really closer to straight electronica with multiple variations of genre mixing thrown into the production.

While “Waiting has plenty of snap and “Placate” offer plenty of deep groove synth pop, there’s a depth to the album that comes by Hudson steering from pop and heading into the inner depths of dark electro-pop. On “Divide” he creates lush arrangements that hone together a wall of tones that have this chill wave stride with dark beats and synths. On “Guidelines” he takes you down a path of kindness that feels upbeat at first glance while he essentially uses down tempo notes to build a world of happiness. But as well constructed as those tracks all are, the biggest standout comes with “Alone.” The arrangements here are on a whole other level. The dark wave qualities of the synths, the medium paced beats and the removed vocals reside inside a world of highly ordered notes that sparkle between one another, taking the sound to a whole new head space.

Persona will be available to purchase in all online music stores including Bandcamp or to stream on all streaming sites when it gets released on September 06. Rex Hudson will be making a rare live appearance in Houston, TX at Axelrad on September 07.

Image Credits: Photo by Arturo Olmos.

David Garrick

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