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Both New Songs From Vagabon Pop with Vibrancy


It’s been two years since the debut album by Vagabon, but in that time a lot has occurred for Laetitia Tamko since it was released. Now on Nonesuch Records, all of that energy has gone into a new album Vagabon slotted for release in October. With that, the first two singles off the self-titled album show a lot of growth while the core sound is still there in the most shining way.

The first single released, “Flood” has a very intimate opening with the vocals lying above the instruments. As the song blooms with a slow burn, Tamko pulls you closer before the beat hits and the song thrives. The vocals are on point while the sparse arrangement means those vocals become your focus. The song has elements of pop without really being a pop track. The sorcery of the debut is still here, though now it steers from indie rock to a more pronounced sound.

With the latest single “Water Me Down,” the sound is a bit more pop driven, yet again not really a pop track. With a flute sound and a beat, again the vocals are more prominent. The song has more weight by having lots of heavy instrumentation as Vagabon finds a way to edge closer to the surreal while the catchy track never leaves your head after just one listen.

Both songs can be streamed on all streaming sites, they can be purchased digitally in all online music stores or you can pre-order the album directly from Nonesuch Records ahead of its October 18 release. Vagabon will be on tour starting October 15 in Brooklyn, NY at National Sawdust until December 15 in Englewood, CO at Gothic Theatre. Their complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Tonje Thilesen.



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