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New Mandolin Orange Singles Shine


It’s fairly safe to say that North Carolina duo Mandolin Orange have ignited a spark in the world or Americana. With plenty of sold out dates and their tours getting bigger and bigger, the two piece has just dropped new music with “Belly of the Beast/Paper Mountain,” and the two songs will hold your ears through each well crafted note.

The earnest tones that open up the sing song stride of “Belly of the Beast” get intersected with vocals that lay the groundwork. The magic of these two is how upbeat their music sounds without adding overproduced notes. As the second vocals come in just underneath, they add a sweetness that makes the song hit harder. With “Paper Mountain,” the two piece takes a more throw back approach without coming off as dated. The way the song runs, it reminds you of how music was paced out forty years ago. The honesty in how the two vocal styles blend is the sorcery here as the band pulls you closer and closer with each tender note.

The two songs ca be streamed wherever you stream music or they can be purchased digitally in all online music stores. Mandolin Orange will be on tour September 14 in Sonoma, CA at Sonoma Harvest Music Festival until February 27 through March 02, 2020 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at Avett Brothers at the Beach. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Kendall Bailey.



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