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Alex Cameron Gets Lustful & Loving on Miami Memory


The synths that open the new album Miami Memory by Alex Cameron have a triumphant feeling, because this album is a release based around love and positive relationships. Cameron pulls from deep inside on the album that not only marks his most personal album to date, but has mis mixture of lust and sex intertwined with family and emotion in each well crafted track.

While “Stepdad” has the family involved in the narrative, it’s clear that Cameron likes the role and the story that goes with how he became a stepdad and how happy it makes him. While the song is an uplifting memory, it’s not the best from an album full of amazing songs. “Miami Memory” is the way the album should stay with you, Cameron thinking back on tender moments while intertwining tales of sexual conquest with his electro-pop undercurrent. Cameron is pulling from the heart while massaging his saucier side at the same time. With the wistful touch of “Gaslight” and the swaggered approach of “PC With Me,” Cameron sounds better than he has in years while channeling his inner crooner who actually believes his words, because he lived them.

But the album also has moments where Cameron shines brighter than you could imagine. “Far From Born Again” has the pop nuance and solo artist energy that you’ve always wanted Cameron to bring to a track. “Divorce” gives you all of the heavy pop and machismo you want from a singer who embodies the sexy vibes that Cameron has always portrayed. In fact while Cameron is writing and arranging on ten with these songs, he’s letting us get closer to an ego that feels like fragility is also a part of the imagery as well. That fragility comes through hardest on “Other Ladies” where Cameron has an almost country ballad feel. The song isn’t a country track, but it plays out with the same pacing as he proclaims his love for one person, the person that the album is written for. With emotional availability and inner humility, Alex Cameron shares his best memories of a growing love on Miami Memory that we all wish we could have a piece of.

Miami Memory will be available to stream on all platforms or purchase from all outlets when it gets released tomorrow. It can also be purchased physically directly from Secretly Canadian on multiple formats. Alex Cameron is on tour starting September 18 at Paradiso in Amsterdam, Netherlands until December 14 at Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. His complete tour schedule can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Chris Rhodes.

David Garrick

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