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Feel the “Heavyweight” with New Song by Rituals of Mine


LA’s Terra Lopez has been doing well under her recording project Rituals Of Mine, so much so that the project has gained plenty of steam in recent years. Now with a new EP announced, Sleeper Hold is set for release in October. And with a slew of tour dates, the first single “HEAVYWEIGHT” should stir something inside of you.

The song is visceral at times, with dark tones that stir your insides to a degree. The way the song is crafted there’s more tone away from the minimalist approaches employed on other releases. The vocals stand out as a beacon here, offering a sound that’s hard to walk away from. The visuals in the video offer plenty of vibrancy to a song with plenty of heft in its own right.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube, the single can be purchased in all digital outlets and Sleeper Hold is available for pre-order directly from Carpark Records ahead of its October 04 release date. Rituals of Mine will be on tour beginning September 20 in Oakland, CA at The Bandcamp Record Store & Performance Space until November 14 in Seattle, WA at Freakout Festival. Their complete tour schedule can be located here

Image Credits: Photo by Jeffrey LaTour.



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