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LA’s Behavior Share New Single From Upcoming Album


The music that Los Angeles trio Behavior makes could be placed in the post-punk genre because much of their sound falls there. With a new album Spirits & Embellishments coming in the middle of October, we think people will hear why it’s difficult to place them in a certain peg. On their new single “My Ten Cents” they touch on the genre again while expanding past it in multiple ways.

While the track has a jazzy opening, the deadpan vocals have an intense honesty that rings as the song plays out. There’s almost a tension in how the track comes off as easy going, though it’s far from that. Behavior has the ability to draw you in even if they’re getting minimalist in how they approach their songs. The video, shot in black and white has the band performing, giving you a deeper sense of what that could be like for those who’ve never seen them perform.

The video can be streamed above or on YouTube, Spirits & Embellishments is available to pre-order directly from Post Present Medium ahead of its October 18 release date. Behavior will be on tour beginning October 19 at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA until October 24 at Cryptatropa in Olympia, WA.

Image Credits: Photo by Taralyn Thomas.



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