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Twin Peaks Finds the Groove on Lookout Low


Chicago’s Twin Peaks hasn’t been around a decade yet, though they’ve gotten bigger and bigger with each release they’ve put out into the world. With a garage rock tone and a jam heavy sound, their new album Lookout Low not only takes their sound further than their previous efforts, but they seem to find a groove and stay in the pocket from beginning to end.


The opener “Casey’s Groove” is a great way to open such an album. With touches that at times feel like that of a jam band, the song begins the story of a band in the right space for an album. Most of the tracks feel like there’s a party happening around the recording process with traces of that Laurel Canyon meets seventies folk pop sound all over the place. The band has come far with arrangements especially, best noted on “Better Than Stoned” where that party atmosphere is still present as the band utilizes piano with group vocals to hone a sound that reminds you of early Bob Dylan when he went electric.

But the album isn’t all throwback tones as tracks like “Dance Through It” and “Oh Mama” show a band hitting their stride with plenty of soulful energy without really compromising anything for the hooks the music is drenched with. Though with all of the catchy tunes and the old school tones, the biggest standout for us is on “Ferry Song.” With a delightfully sunny pace and and upbeat demeanor, the song stretches together all of the album’s elements into one track. In many ways it helps portray where Twin Peaks is today as a band, streamlining their heavily instrumented songs into a pipeline of high energy and fun vibes.

Lookout Low can be purchased in all digital outlets or streamed on all streaming sites while you can pick it up physically on multiple formats and bundles directly from Grand Jury Music. Twin Peaks is on tour starting September 19 at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI until February 26, 2020 at Electric Brixton in Brixton, UK. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Cooper Fox.



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