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Chastity Belt Returns Stronger Than Ever on Self Titled Full Length


When we first heard the music of Chastity Belt, we must admit that we were late getting to the party. While the four piece had already released an album, our introduction came with their second full length Time To Go Home. While much has changed with the group since then, their energy driven sound has not and on their new album Chastity Belt, they come full circle while growing at the same time.

Opening with the melodic yet somber notes of “Ann’s Jam,” it’s immediately obvious that the band has grown in recent years. The way the song strides along before the vocals dance in and stay there is wondrous. The tones on the track have a very full and gripping texture while the hooks and the bridge really hold your attention. This continues throughout the release as the band seems hell bent on proving that they’re writing on a whole new level.

“Elena” brings a bombastic and thundering mix of tones, “It Takes Time” intertwines dream pop and shoegaze together to craft a swirl of sounds that fill your speakers with a wash of style and “Half-Hearted” tugs at your sould as it plays out like a letter that was never delivered.

But while the tones are like being bathed in soft warming glows of light, the album contains gems that seem to evolve naturally within the writing. “Drown” comes the closest to being an upbeat jam yet it also contains some of the strongest and catchiest songwriting of the album. “Pissed Pants” has this airy feel that’s not light, but rather the way the instrumentation plays out, it hits you differently than any of the other songs with dual vocals that stick with you long after you first hear them. But with all of this, the biggest stand out track comes with “Split.” Incorporating a mix of guitars and the vocals in a way that fall elsewhere on the record, the backing vocals and the way the drums hit is done in a masterful way. When the track begins to open up it feels like sunshine on your face during Winter, and the song shows how strong Chastity Belt is when they’re left to crate together.

Chastity Belt is available for purchase directly from Hardly Art when it’s released tomorrow, it will also be available to purchase digitally as well as streamed on all platforms. Chastity Belt will be on tour starting September 29 in Munich, Germany at Feierwerk/Kranhalle until November 23 in St Paul, MN at Turf Club. The band’s complete touring schedule can be located here

Image Credits: Photo by Beto Barkmo.

David Garrick

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