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If You Don’t Know the Music of Liz Lawrence, That Needs to Change


For a touring member and collaborator with Bombay Bicycle Club as well as member of Cash+David, Britain’s Liz Lawrence has all the makings of an artist who’s earned their place in music. After teaching herself how to produce, she’s embarking with a solo album called Pity Party due in late October, and the first three singles are definite ear candy.

The lead single “Navigator” has a soft opening where the vocals and a synth get things going. Lawrence’s voice has a calming effect before riffs and a beat start ticking up the pace. The vocals go into a dual mode and the hook filled pop drive pulls you in. Lawrence is definitely pulling out all of the stops here, though while the songs is catchy it’s also not really mainstream pop either. Still, the way it’s structured makes you wish more upbeat songs were done this well.

The second single “None of My Friends” has more of a post-punk drive with just a murky bass and vocals starting the song before drums come in popping. These new wave synths dance in and build the verse before the track really sparkles with tone. Picking up stride, steering close to a modern interpretation of new wave without leaning too heavily on it, Lawrence sounds vibrant without getting too sappy. The dual vocals along with a choppy struck set of keys creates a sound that doesn’t really sound like anyone else., which is wondrous and sensationally achieved.

Her latest single “USP” has a more trip hop feel, but it’s not that at all either. If it makes sense, the way the song rolls out reminds you of a mix of Oingo Boingo and Caroline Rose. The guitar creates some of the catchiest notes you can hear while this secondary guitar plays underneath ahead of meeting vocals in a collision of bright tones and upbeat sounds. It’s magical and up, but it’s not really in that dreamy vein, but closer to modern pop for adults.

All three songs can be purchased in all digital music stores, they can be streamed on all platforms and Pity Party ca be pre-ordered directly from Second Breakfast on multiple formats in various bundles. Liz Lawrence is on tour starting October 18 at SWN Festival in Cardiff, Wales until February 12, 2020 at Ulster Hall in Belfast, UK. Her complete tour schedule can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Second Breakfast.



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