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New Single by DIIV is Hard Not to Love


Brooklyn’s DIIV isn’t far off from their new full length Deceiver getting its release to the public. With the album coming in early October, the four piece has just released a new single “Blankenship” that should help shape your ears as to what to expect from the album when it drops.

The song graces upon post-punk with a mix of dream pop and shoegaze thrown in. The song pops from the opening notes while dual vocals fall a bit under the instrumentation in the mix. The track is more sonic and vibrant in its approach, while it has an up pacing, it’s also not close to being a pop song. The video has an overview of the desert mixed with the band performing. While the band, in a different location performs, a woman starts navigating the desert as the song plays out. The journey from the dry desert to a water soaked stream before attempting to escape a bubble she’s trapped in is a trip to view.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube, the song can be streamed on all streaming platforms and Deceiver can be pre-ordered directly from Captured Tracks on multiple formats before its October 04 release. DIIV will be on tour beginning October 11 in Perris, CA at Desert Daze until February 29, 2020 in Brighton, UK at Chalk. The band’s complete touring schedule is available to access here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Ground Control.



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