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Vivian Girls Return Stronger on New Album


Reuniting a band can be a daunting thing, when you think about the pressure of living up to what you did in the past. Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls released their last album eight years ago, it’s been over a decade since their debut album, and in the five years since they broke up, a lot has happened in their absence. While time has passed, the kind of searing indie rock tinged with punk that the band always made didn’t go away, and their latest album Memory is really their strongest album to date. With a mix of their signature sound and new nuggets of creativity, Vivian Girls prove you can always go back home again if you’re willing to relocate where you call it.


While this album has the lineup from Share the Joy, the trio doesn’t go into the long and beautiful narratives that were all over that album, and instead opts for a more energetic and fury filled pace for the bulk of the songs. The opening notes of “Most Of All” will quickly let you in on the fact that the band is back in full force, shedding plenty of time for a punchier delivery. While the following tracks “Your Kind of Life” and “Sick” both contain just as snappy of a pacing, there’s a depth in how the songs have a polished sound that’s not overproduced, but closer to a shimmering lo-fi feel.

“Something To Do” is just as quick and furious, as is “Memory,” but the album isn’t all speedy numbers either. “Lonely Girl” has this stirring swirl of guitars and vocals that dance like leaves in the wind while having more weight than something so airy. “All Your Promises” has this very Smiths feel to it, though it’s not a copy either. There’s just those jangled Jonny Marr riffs mixed with that blurry bass that creates that sound in a way that makes you want more and more of what the three piece is offering up. But even with that, the biggest standout for us came with “Waiting In The Car.” There’s a sonic intensity to the song that takes you back a bit to the band’s earlier records while still having a fresh sound that not only looks towards the future, but keeps it in your head as well with a bridge that’s ahead of the game and proves the future looks bright for Vivian Girls.

Memory is available for physical purchase directly from Polyvinyl Records, it can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased digitally in all online music stores. Vivian Girls are on tour beginning October 04 at The Regent in Los Angeles, CA until November 03 at Marquis Theater in Denver, CO. The band’s compete tour schedule can be located here

Image Credits: Image by Jason Lester.

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