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Liam Gallagher Releases New Album That Shines


Twenty years ago, the brothers in Oasis had no problem bickering in public while selling more records than a bulk of that era. Now while each brother has a new solo release out, in many ways Why Me? Why Not, the new release from Liam Gallagher shows that the voice of one band can shine when that voice releases new music. Full of Brit pop undertones and alternative rock notations, the album proves that away from all of the drama, Liam can still bring it when he wants to.

For starters, there’s no shockers here really. If you were a fan of Oasis, you’re going to be pleased because there’s quite a bit of that sound on here. That’s not a bad thing, as you have to figure that’s going to have some space on the album. The shockers come from songs that seem to reflect on the past, looking back at a time before Gallagher and his brother had a band. “One of Us” is the first to take you down that path, though it occurs again on “once” and again on “Gone.”

Another shocker is how focused Gallagher seems here. The opener to the album “Shocker” has this sound that feels closer to Primal Scream than you’d expect. “Halo” has these honky tonk strewn piano that isn’t what you’d think Gallagher would utilize this late in his career. The songs are for the most part a mixture of alt rock and Brit pop. Though while there are songs that remind you of the past there’s plenty that sound fresh and new. It seems that this long after Oasis was left in ashes, Liam Gallagher can still bring his A game to an album. And pull it off with ease as well.

Why Me? Why Not is available to stream on all services, it can be purchased digitally in all online music shops or physically directly from Warner Records. Liam Gallagher is on tour starting October 09 at Chase Center in San Francisco, CA until February 21 at Zenith in Paris, France. His complete tour schedule is located here

Image Credits: Photo by Tom Beard.

David Garrick

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