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Neal Anand Releases Blissful Ambient Track “Orchid”


New York’s Neal Anand is on a mission to use music for good. With his new label Pineal Labs dedicated to music that’s soothing & healing, his ambient sounds mixed with piano and binaural beats makes for quality tones. With his new single “Orchid,” that idea comes fourth with great fluidity.

The composer utilizes the piano like a tool to help drive the tones. With ambient notes that feel more calming, the song has a soothing weight that enters your insides and relaxes you. Blending these tones makes the track have a texture that’s on a whole other level as it has a healing property you won’t find even within ambient music.

The song can be streamed above or on Soundcloud and Neal Anand’s music can be purchased from Pineal Labs. For now, there are no tour dates announced for Anand.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Greer.



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