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Moon Duo Explores New Ground on Stars Are The Light


There are several frames of thought for how a band operates. Some feel that a band should never change, some feel that a band should evolve and others feel a band should reinvent themselves over time. When bands mix these three elements together, the sorcery of how their music comes out is born and gives listeners something they can really sink their teeth into. San Francisco’s Moon Duo have always changed things up a bit between releases, but on their latest Stars Are The Light out tomorrow, they take their biggest leap yet.

Delving further into electronic realms of psych music, the two piece creates groovy songs you could actually dance to. The opener “Flying” is the first to take you to the spiritual space in which a form of freedom washes over you while the track plays. The song is more up while still feeling spacey and it comes across as if you’re taking a journey lead by some self-proclaimed mystic you met in a strip mall parking lot. While the titles track “Stars Are The Light” has a very happy sound, it reminds you in ways of bands like Of Montreal and Apples in Stereo without coming off as a lift. The transforming emotions that the music can carry falls all over “The World and the Sun.” The song has the wave of tones that make you think you’re hearing the song deep under the sea.

But while the two piece takes you on a journey with many of the songs, some are just downright different for a band that can go as far out as Moon Duo. “Lost Heads” mixes nineties DJ culture with a neo techno sound. “Eye 2 Eye” has an industrial disco sheen, sounding like what many dark psych bands wish they could sound like. There’s an expanse in the songs, like each is a new path being drawn out by someone you’ll never meet again. What makes the album stand out best is how all of these styles all weave together. In a time when genre mixing isn’t a new concept, Moon Duo finds a way to keep the tracks steeped in psych while interweaving multiple styles together. It’s eclectic, it has weight and most importantly, it holds your attention enough to make the journey memorable.

Stars Are The Light is available to pre-order directly from Sacred Bones Records before its official release tomorrow, it can be pre-saved on all digital platforms as well. Moon Duo is on tour starting October 17 in Gent, Belgium at Videodroom until November 27 in Vancouver, Canada at Venue Nightclub. The band’s complete tour schedule is available here.


Image Credits: Photo by Brett Johnson.

David Garrick

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