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Stereo Jane Drops Infectious New Single


Performing with family can either be difficult or what you’re used to. Luckily for anyone who hears sister duo Stereo Jane, it’s not difficult. Performing together since they were eight years old, the group has a likability to them that’s hard to shake. While they’re steering into new territory on their new single “Holy Hell,” they’re still keeping their infectious pop driven sound in the family.

The song pulls you in with its immediacy. Mixing a trip hop sound with pop vocals, the terse and direct build of the track hits your ears just right and never leaves. The up pace and the mix of alt rock that lies underneath creates a sound that’s familiar without feeling like it came from anyone else. The video has a power to it, showcasing the sisters almost like powerful super heroes or at least two beings that can lay waste to anything in their way.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube and “Holy Hell” is available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase from all digital outlets. Stereo Jane does not have any live dates scheduled for now.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Facci PR.



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