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Jamie Drake Redefines Modern Folk Pop With Nods to the Past


Los Angeles’ Jamie Drake has been releasing stellar music for a minute now. Like most artists you may or may not be familiar with, she may have been under your radar. Of course now with her latest full length Everything’s Fine, that should change. With tender melodies and a sound that’s closer to something your parents would have jammed, she redefines what modern folk pop can be.

For starters, there’s a lot to unpack here. The album is arranged like it was made forty years ago. With a craft and instrumentation you don’t get very much anymore. While the leading factor here is Drake’s voice, the album is much more than a vocal performance. The songs are deep and have a flow that’s closer to artists like Harry Nilsson and Paul Simon. Drake’s voice is its own monster, reminding your ears of artists like Carol King and Carly Simon.

But aside from comparisons, the album is truly magnificent. Opener “Everything’s Fine” is crafted with Drake’s voice intermingled with piano. It’s soft and without pretension, pulling you closer like a friend with a secret. An orchestral melody plays underneath creating a submersed feeling. The tones wash over you like a swath of warm air. This occurs again with the acoustic lead on “Make A Spark.” Drake knows her strong points as a singer and songwriter, staying soft when warranted and getting more tempered when the track needs it.

Stand out come from lead single “To My Love,” on the almost country toned “Blue” and with the folk tinged touches of “Allison.” The whole album is a portrayal of excellent song craft and songwriting. Our favorite was difficult, as there’s more to adore here than a typical release. Though the strings and choral backing vocals of “Redwood Tree” stood out the most. Essentially a pop song, the instrumentation lends itself to something headier and heftier. Even the use of whistling comes off like something grander than what you’re used to. But the whole album is far away from what you’re used to. By not cutting any corners, Jamie Drake stands out in a world where few put their best forward.

Everything’s Fine is available for purchase directly from Anti Fragile Music in various formats and bundles, it can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased digitally from all online retailers. Jamie Drake will be on tour beginning October 18 in Boston, MA at The Red Room at Cafe 939 until November 01 in Decatur, GA at Eddie’s Attic. Her complete tour schedule can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Kathryna Hancock.



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