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Tegan and Sara Revisit Old Songs on Latest


There are few bands that want to revisit the past, for whatever reason they may have. For a group like Tegan and Sara, that’s exactly where their new album is rooted. Hey, I’m Just Like You takes songs from early demos and recordings written when the sister duo was younger, and re-imagines them in a new way. Incorporating much of their signature synth pop leanings, the album is fresh to those who didn’t write it.

While the lead singles like “I’ll Be Back Someday” and “Hey, I’m Just Like You” stand out as pop driven moments, the better parts of the album come on tracks you haven’t heard. “Hello, I’m Right Here” is a soft and tender song that not only stays with you, it’s perfectly arranged. There’s a weight here that makes you wonder where it came from. “Please Help Me” has a similar tone, while it’s an acoustic driven song.There’s always been an honesty to the songs the duo releases yet here, it feels more personal.

The album also contains plenty of unearthed gems. “I Know I’m Not The Only One” is snappy and upbeat, “You Go Away And I Don’t Mind” has this twinkled pop drive and “We Don’t Have Fun When We’re Together Anymore” has this R&B toned sound that will stay in your head for hours after it plays. But with all of this, the biggest stand out comes with “Keep Them Close ‘Cause They Will Fuck You Too.” Mixing synth beats and this slow burn, the vocals come in easy while this build of notes heads you into the chorus. It feels stripped of anything other than rife and blatant hurt. It shows a deeper side here and it works on all levels.

Hey, I’m Just Like You is available for purchase on multiple formats and bundles directly from Warner Records, it can be streamed on all sites or downloaded from all digital outlets. Tegan and Sara are on tour starting tonight at Balboa Theatre in San Diego, CA until November 19 at Albert Hall in Manchester, UK. Their complete tour itinerary can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Warner Records.



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