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Bryce Kepner Gets Real on Latest Release


Guest Author: Chase DeMaster


Life doesn’t ask you how you feel, it just keeps piling it on. You can try and stay close to the line society pushes for you or you can deviate to the poles. We aim but most of the time we miss. Other times, we get close or even nail it, only to then find out we need to change fundamentally as a person, the space we were filling no longer is applicable to who we want to be, and we need to start over. It is tough. It is tough to change. It is scary and cold. It is really the only choice if you want to stay alive. Brynce Kepner’s new record is about these kind of changes. It’s about cutting down the tree you have built your entire life in, and then bracing yourself for the fall. Have you ever done that? Do you need to? I am not sharing this music because I want it to keep you warm through your personal narrative. It’s not about you. It’s about this record. Maybe you can be a friend to this record. Maybe you can ask it how it feels. Maybe you can be a part of this record’s life. “Start Again”, “Chances”, and “Follow You Down” are all stand out tracks.

Transitions is available to purchase physically on cassette from Black Tube Socks, it can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital music stores. You can follow Black Tube Socks here and you can follow Bryce Kepner here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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