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DIIV Brings Their A Game to Deceiver


The past has been a rocky one for Brooklyn four piece DIIV. Without getting into any of that, it’s a testament for who the band is in getting over who they were. With some of the best sounding guitar tones in the younger side of music today, the band seems to have everything on track as of late. With their new album Deceiver out today, they leave the past where it belongs and move into the future with their best foot forward.


The opener has that eviscerate tone that the four piece brings to their music. The way that “Horsehead” takes the loud quiet loud principle to a new place would make Black Francis proud. The meandering tone of the guitar and the melodic structure just means that the distortion cuts deeper when it hits. That driving sear where the speakers howl from within the cabinets falls all over the track & the album as well. Where “Skin Game” contains all that you’d expect from these guys and “Taker” is right up the alley of what they do, there are tracks that deter from that idea as well.

“Like Before You Were Born” has a softer noodling mixed with the tearing guitars that the Brooklyn band has made their signature. “Between Tides” has a gentle stride that you may not expect and “Lorelei” takes the slow and guttered squeals of the six string and takes it to a new head space. But with all of this, DIIV is still treading between their past and the present to create a new feel for their present. Of the ten tracks we found the song “The Spark” to be the most refreshing. With a snappy pacing and a mixture of those shoegaze touched notes, the song has an easy going side the band doesn’t bring out often. Airy but not light, it checked all of those Kevin Shields boxes for us and stood out the most.

Deceiver is available for physical purchase directly from Captured Tracks, it can be streamed on all platforms and purchased digitally from wherever you download music. DIIV is on tour starting October 10 at Bunkhouse Saloon in Las Vegas, NV until February 29, 2020 at CHALK in Brighton, UK. The band’s complete tour schedule can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Coley Brown.

David Garrick

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