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Desert Sharks Get Gnarly on New Album


While the city has always been bumping, NYC is on fire with new music as of late. Garage punk bands never really fall flat, which is why you should be down with Desert Sharks. The brand of garage punk that falls all over their latest release Baby’s Gold Death Stadium is rough and tumble, while mixing searing notes throughout.


The album hits pretty hard from the opening notes. Incorporating plenty of hooks with snappy strides, the album steers from either genre. More punk in some ways, more garage in others, the guitars alone should hold your interests. From the gurgled guitars on “Dating?” to the throwback nods on “Volcano,” the album doesn’t leave your head once it begins. While many of the tracks like “For Loneliness Sake” and “Serpent” will leave a mark, it’s all garage punk in the end and it’s hard to dislike.

The album can be purchased on gold vinyl directly from Substitute Scene, it can be streamed at all streaming sites or purchased digitally from wherever you download music. Desert Sharks are set to appear at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY on November 25. 

Image Credits: Photo by Shawn Cuni.



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