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New Moon Duo Video For “Lost Heads” is a Trip


Moon Duo is definitely back in a big way. Their new album Stars Are The Light proves the two piece is up for anything, especially expanding their sound. In the midst of tour getting ready to begin they’ve released a new video for the track “Lost Heads” and it lives up to the vibes that the song contains.

With the visuals looking like a video game on acid, the colorful video can be a stun to the senses. Each member has psych elements tracing through their visage, the colors within alone should be dizzying. The song, one of the catchiest on the release takes your ears towards a more disco psych sound. While the album is more groove oriented, this song has that tripping down a hole feel that makes it work that much stronger.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. Stars Are The Light is available to purchase directly from Sacred Bones, it can be streamed on all platforms or purchased digitally in all online music stores. Moon Duo is on tour October 17 in Gent, Belgium at Videodroom until November 27 in Vancouver, BC at Venue. The band’s complete tour schedule is located here

Image Credits: Photo by Brett Johnson.



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