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New NOAH Track Pops & Sparkles


Depending on where you live, there’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of Tokyo producer NOAH. Known for sweeping tones and pulsating beats, she’s definitely a force in Japan and the world over through her music. Ahead of her new album Thirty due in a couple of weeks, her latest single “像自己 (Xiangziji)” is full of notes that keep you on your toes while the video is on its own vibe.

The song mixes plenty of whimsy in with its catchy pacing. There’s something hypnotic to how the vocals dance just a hair above the beat and the sunny synths. NOAH definitely knows how to add haunting touches to an already up song. The video utilizes visuals that seem to come off of an eighties video recorder mixed with cutaways of her walking through the night. The track is definitely worth exploring and hanging onto.

The video can be streamed above or on YouTube. The song is available for purchase digitally and can be streamed on all services. Thirty is available for pre-order directly from Bandcamp before its October 18 release. For now, there are no announced tour dates for NOAH, though that should change.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of One Beat PR.



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