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New Single From Anna Meredith is Hard to Ignore


Britain’s Anna Meredith makes some of the most intriguing music going. Switching gears on a regular basis, her work shifts from project to project. With a new album FIBS due in the end of October, her new single “Inhale Exhale” offers a glimpse into what the album will be while giving you ear candy in the process.

Where the track has multiple upbeat moments, there’s a quickness in how it all plays out. The vocals have weight even though they initially sound light. The synths and beats intertwine together to create an almost orchestral experience for the ears. At times this intermingling means that the song is graced with a choral sound before it really opens up. The world that follows is expansive and syncopated to fall perfectly.

The song can be streamed on all streaming sites and FIBS is available for pre-order directly from Moshi Moshi/Black Prince Fury ahead of its October 25 release. Anna Meredith will be on tour October 18 at Wild Paths Festival in Norwich, UK until February 10, 2020 at Old Market in Brighton, UK. Her complete tour scheduling is available here

Image Credits: Photo by Gem Harris.



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