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The New Video by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is Definitely Worth Watching


Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is set to tour Europe and the US. Supporting his latest full length Suffer On, he’s just dropped a video for the title track, and it’s definitely different than what you may expect. With a sadness and darkness that plays throughout, the video sticks with how the music feels isolationist in ways.

The video has a long run time, so there’s a lot to take in. The fact that the track is dark means that the subtitles fit here. While the original track clocks in at a bit over the five and a half minute mark, the video is well past double that. Primarily shot in Tokyo, the loner vibes of the song come through. The song is looped twice to showcase the cyclical and recursive state to “suffer on.”

The video can be watched above or on YouTube. Suffer On is available to purchase directly from Run For Cover Records, it can be streamed on all platforms or purchased in digital outlets. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is on tour beginning November 02 in Glasgow, UK at Broadcast until December 20 in Philadelphia, PA at The Foundry. His complete tour schedule is located here

Image Credits: Photo by Nathan Copes.

David Garrick

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