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Chris Farren Brings the Heat on New Album


Chris Farren might just be the indie rock savior the world needs right now. After various releases with others, and album with Jeff Rosenstock, Farren is ready to show that he’s hotter than most. With a tongue in cheek sense of humor, Farren knows how to get to your sweet spot through his songs. On his new album Born Hot out tomorrow he proves he can write hooks and catchy tracks with ease while holding your attention from beginning to end.

From the opening notes of “Bizzy,” it’s obvious that Farren has a plan. The riff fueled beginning coupled with Farren’s own melodic vocals pulls you closer. In many ways, it’s a great precursor for the barrage of hooks that Farren employs. On “Love Theme” you’re immediately drawn to how apt the upbeat stride comes across. With “Search 4 Me” the electronic graced notes and pulsating tones remind you that this is just as much of a pop album as it is an indie rock album. For “Domain Lapse,” the singer songwriter turns to a more folk based opening before the song goes into full pop mode with a dance party being your only conclusion.

Of course, with all of this it’s just engaging music. Chris Farren knows he has that kind of voice that makes for optimistic music. Using that as a catalyst, the songs strike a perfect balance between seasoned artist and pop hook impresario. The album rolls out like a list of hits as each song tells its own story and you still want more. Even in the titles, the song could make you think it’s apprehensive but Farren quells those concerns with sunny sounds.

There’s just an amount of depth to these tracks that shouldn’t get overshadowed. With “R U Still There?” the song reminds you of Digital Ash era Bright Eyes, but it’s far and away from that too. With “Surrender,” the way it never slows just pulls so much of the album together. The song is catchy as hell with intertwined electronics and Farren’s vocal melodies washed in sugary tones making it ring just right. The whole album is full of verses and choruses that stay with you, with “I Was Amazing” being the biggest stand out. Like a chorus of fuzz mixed within hypnotic notes, the song mixes indie rock with electro-pop like they were meant to always go together. The blown out guitars, the snappy beats and the captivating arrangements make the song a winner from the start. In a time when we all need a pick me up, Chris Farren is offering us ten under the name Born Hot.

Born Hot is available in various bundles and formats directly from Polyvinyl Records. It can be purchased in all digital outlets or streamed on all platforms when it releases tomorrow. Chris Farren is on tour beginning October 12 in Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade NYC until February 15 in Los Angeles, CA at Moroccan Lounge. His complete tour schedule is available to view here.

Image Credits: Photo by Erica Lauren.

David Garrick

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