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Eric Bachmann Shares Politically Charged New Song


While most people will know the name Eric Bachmann from his time as lead singer of nineties emo band Archers of Loaf, Bachmann has thrived with a life after that band. As lead for Crooked Fingers or with his own solo works, Bachmann’s vocals stand out no matter what he does. Now with a new single out, his voice is really getting heard. On “Misinformation Age” he lets us all know real quick his thoughts on the media and where our country is as a nation.


Opening with a stark piano, Bachmann dives deep into the 24 hour news cycle. Discussing how the rich get richer and how politicians can’t be trusted, Bachmann sounds more relevant here. With his signature growl hushed a bit, the words hit hard as they seem more realistic than anything he’s sung before. The electronic beat and the piano serve his vocals well as Bachmann lays it all on the line.

The song can be streamed on all platforms or purchased through all digital music stores via Merge Records. Eric Bachmann is on a living room tour beginning October 17 in Ventura, CA until October 23 in Kansas City, MO. His complete tour dates and ticketing can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Merge Records.



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