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The Damned Live Up to Their Legendary Status on New Single


It’s hard to believe that The Damned are still going strong. After such a long time together, a change in direction and back again to where they started, the band has earned the word “legends” as a descriptive. Now with a new anthology Black Is The Night: The Definitive Anthology coming in November, they’ve just dropped a new single. What you realize real fast with “Black Is The Night,” is that The Damned aren’t slowing anytime soon.

The band definitely puts their best foot forward here. Intertwining punk and goth together, stitching together their two pasts equally. The song has a nice crooner style offering a fresh take on their sound. The vocals ring with backing notes and an upbeat pace. By mixing the two sounds, the track offers a new side to the legendary punks while opening and expanding what they can sound like moving forward.

The song can be streamed on all platforms or purchased digitally in all music outlets. Black Is The Night: The Definitive Anthology is available for pre-order directly from BMG ahead of its November 01 release. The Damned are set to appear at Madison Square Garden on October 19 in New York, NY until October 28 at London Palladium in London, UK. The band’s tour schedule can be located here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of BMG.



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