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Cursive Sound Refreshed on Get Fixed


It’s only been a year since the last album from Nebraska’s Cursive, yet in many ways it feels a bit longer. Because of the band’s absence for a while, it feels like that regular rotation of music that came from the band’s earlier stretch was forever ago. On their new album Get Fixed, the band brings tons of energy to the narrative and reclaim some of the strife that bookmarked their early releases.

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The band brings plenty of energy here, circumventing any arty sounds you may expect for a more concise delivery. “Barricades” is a great example of this, signalling more indie rock than anything they’ve currently offered. The energetic pace steers the ship here. On “I Am Goddamn” they sway between chunky riffs and pauses that remind you of their first two albums. With “Horror Is A Human Being” they add more instrumentation, but the heavier side still remains. The almost shouted vocals at the top of the mix bring the song more heft and they keep things at that level for its entirety. For “Content Conman,” Kasher and company lend themselves closer to a fevered pace than you’ve heard before. They break new ground in how they approach the song in terms of its straightforward sound and it’s chaotic stride.

But the whole release isn’t rock energy either. Their are more introspective songs like the noodled and dark tones of “Marigolds.” Here the band balances the energy with dark instruments to provide a hefty narrative that pays off. “Get Fixed” has a ghostly intro before steering into a mix of noise and tumult playing. And “What’s Gotten Into You?” takes listeners on a twisted array of post-punk and mystical indie rock. The whole album is a mix of band revitalized, taking things to the next level while still showing that they can bring it when needed. Get Fixed is a return to form, and an exploration in sound we wish we got more of.

Get Fixed is available to preorder physically from 15 Passenger before its January 17 release. It can be purchased digitally from all online music retailers or streamed on all platforms. Cursive is on tour starting October 18 at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ until February 01 at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO. The band’s complete tour routing can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Chromatic PR.

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