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Son Little Swoons on New EP


It’s a known fact that Son Little has had a pretty impressive career with little left to prove. However like most driven artists, he’s still releasing music that’s hard to dislike. On his new EP invisible, he proves he still has plenty of spark and more to prove.


The beauty here is how Son Little utilizes absence of sound as well as fill your ears with it. The four songs and one remix prove he knows what he wants and he delivers on it with ease. Opening track “hey rose” is soulful with funky undertones. Little swoons as he vibes and gets in your ears like a memory you can’t forget. With “about her. again” he incorporates blues and R&B to craft a tone that is perfectly balanced with his calming vocals. It’s an exercise that’s served his music well and it shines here.

“I;m a builder (outtake)” has a more nomadic and world music sound. The way it opens seems like it was strewn from a far away land. The gentle guitar graces mixed with percussion and vocals makes for a sultry sound when the track picks up. This is Son Little at his best. Taking new steps while expanding his already intriguing sound.

The EP is available to stream wherever you stream music or to purchase digitally via Anti Records wherever you buy music online. Son Little is on tour starting November 11 at Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, CA until December 12 at Lodge Room Highland Park in Los Angeles, CA. His tour schedule is available to track here.

Image Credits: Photo by Shervin Lainez.



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