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El Lago Releases Fierce New Single “Citadel”


Few bands are as resilient as Texas’ El Lago. After a whirlwind time that saw the band release a debut full length, perform on festivals and even head out on a successful tour, the band didn’t appear to slow. Now after their debut was pressed to vinyl, they’ve signaled their return with a second new single “Citadel” before the full trek towards the release of their upcoming EP Pyramid. Entering the studio again with Steve Christensen and Austin Sepulvado, the sound might not be what you’re expecting. What you immediately notice is the band’s departure from their original shoegaze based sound in favor of a darker approach where the result is purely magical.

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Opening with a sonic array of drums and dizzying guitar swells, the band welcomes a sound that distances them from their debut album while still keeping their core sound intact. The way the bass weaves between the reeling guitars and bombastic drums creates a tone of darkness that overtakes you. The vocals lay a touch above the music like a haunting memory before the track changes direction and the band takes listeners to a place that feels like it’s above the planet. Steering in a new direction here, it makes anyone who hears the song exciting for what Pyramid will ultimately sound like.

“Citadel” can be streamed above as much as you’d like. Pyramid is available for pre-order directly from the band ahead of its October 25 release Date. El Lago will be performing limited shows until the end of 2019. Their next performances will be in Galveston, TX at Old Quarter on October 25 and in Houston at Big Top Lounge on November 01. They’ll also perform a set in Austin, TX at LEVITATION on November 08 and in Galveston, TX at Third Eyeland Party on November 16. Their 2020 tour dates should be announced soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Jackson.

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