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Little Scream Shares New Single “One Lost Time”


Before the end of this month, the long awaited new album from Little Scream will see the light of day. While we’re big fans of what we’ve heard so far, Speed Queen seems to be a nice encapsulation of what Little Scream has witnessed while on their last tour. Now on their new single “One Lost Time,” we get a further glimpse into what we’re in for with this new album.

The song begins with a key being played before bass and guitar dance in. When the vocals drop in they do so in a gentle way, drawing your attention to them. In typical style, the words stay with you as they come out. The song has a nice build that draws attention to the beat and the vocals before the track opens up with a bombastic mixture of instrumentation. This is our favorite single off the upcoming release so far, making us curious as to what the record will sound like when it releases. Complex and fevered, the song has a nice ring to it that’s hard to dislike.

The song can be streamed on all platforms and Speed Queen is available for preorder directly from Merge Records ahead of its October 25 release. Little Scream does not have any tour dates announced, though that should change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Zach Hertzman.



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