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New Dolly Valentine Song Sounds Personal & Intimate


Now that Holy Golden has transitioned under a new name and a new musical style, Dolly Valentine has been releasing singles on a steady pace. With two released previously, their third single “Flowers on the Highway” continues the indie folk vibes while taking their sound to a more personal sounding space.

The soft acoustic strums that get the track going are perfectly balanced with the earnest vocals that follow. The soft synths that dance underneath the vocals make the track come off as more intimate without steering your ears away from the lyrics. The Lyric video offers a visual aspect that pairs with the music in the best way, giving way to a kindness that the music offers on its own.

The video can be streamed above or on YouTube. The song is available to purchase in all digital outlets and it can be streamed on all platforms. Dolly Valentine does not have any scheduled performances as of yet.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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