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The Drums & Jonny Pierce Share Two New Tracks


It seems The Drums are just set to continue dropping music. Even after their release Brutalism earlier this year, Jonny Pierce & The Drums are back with two new songs “I Didn’t Realize” and “You Lied” in a double single. The tracks originally recorded in 2012, as well as the video for “I Didn’t Realize” both come from the past but sound as fresh as ever.

With “I Didn’t Realize,” the track has those nuances of elder tracks from The Drums catalog while still sounding new. The heavy electronic beats and synths pair perfectly with Pierce’s emotional lyrics. The glitched out video stays with you with its black and white spectrum and up front sequencing.

“You Lied” comes in more personally reflective, like a sad love song. Pierce incorporates multiple vocal tracks alongside the simple synths to hone in on the words. His vocals sound raw and emotive, showing the sadness of the lyrics. Pierce definitely dug deep here, proving he can still give us emotional weight when he wants.

Both songs can be streamed on all platforms or purchased digitally in all online music stores via Anti Records. The Drums are on tour tonight in Ciudad de Mexico at El Plaza Condesa until November 24 in Tumah Kula Bok, Malaysia at Urbanscapes. The band’s complete tour schedule is available here. 

Image Credits: Photo by Jonny Pierce.



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