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Princess Nokia Wows on Live Video of S.H.I.T.


It seems that Princess Nokia is ready to prove further that she’s a force. aside from her stellar album 1992 Deluxe, the rapper has been showing us for a minute now that she’s unstoppable. Now with her new single “Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.) she’s just released a live in studio performance of it-and it’s amazing.

Backed by a live band and backup singers, the rapper doesn’t waste time embarking into verse. Donning matching white outfits and the rapper with a head piece, the way the live version rolls out reminds you quickly how strong of a rapper she truly is. It all works, there’s nothing lacking here while Princess Nokia leads us all into what’s next.

The video can be viewed above, on Vevo or on YouTube. The single is also available to stream on all platforms and can be purchased digitally.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Big Hassle.



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