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Vagabon Shines on Self-Titled Album


New York’s Laetitia Tamko is an intriguing and unassuming artist. Under the name Vagabon, she grabbed a hold of everyone who heard her debut album. Now on a larger imprint, her self-titled release Vagabon out today shows just how strong her music is while empowering her subtile nuances that grace her every note.


The opening track “Full Moon in Gemini” is orchestral with Tamko’s vocals as the driving force. The album is lush in instrumentation while still feeling light and without bounds. It also sets the stage for what is a release full of notes and tones that feel experimental without getting too off center. “Flood” has a depth that feels unparalleled while “Water Me Down” checks every box in terms of pop sensibility without being pure pop.

The whole album is rife with surprises in terms of songwriting, arrangements and performance. Vagabon gives us plenty of weight without weighing you down. “Wits About You” is tender with just the right amount of electronics thrown in to balance between Tamko’s heavenly vocals and the pacing of the track. “Home Soon” has the right mixture of strings and orchestral tones to pull you in and keep you there. In fact the song has enough depth to not only celebrate the songwriting but to also showcase the depth of it. There’s a lot here with this album. There are moments where the music is taking bold new steps and other times when it feels like its falling in line with what the next step for Tamko would be. However in how it gets displayed, Vagabon draws us closer while expanding into new territory at the same time.

Vagabon is available to purchase physically directly from Nonesuch Records. It can also be streamed on all platforms or purchased digitally wherever you download music. Vagabon is on tour beginning October 22 at Le Botanique in Saint-josse-ten-noode, Belgium until December 15 at Gothic Theatre in Englewood, CO. Her complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Tonje Thilesen.

David Garrick

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