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Eric Andre Brings Eruption of Laughs on Tour


Comedy is always subjective. What’s funny to some isn’t at all funny to others. With that said, we’ve always found Eric Andre to be funny when he drops a standup set. We caught the comic in person the other night for his Legalize Everything Tour, and it was hilarious from open to close.

For Andre, the world is the set up and the punchline is the reaction. When he performs standup it’s almost always on another level. For this tour we were pleased to see the mostly collegiate based crowd at University of Houston be on their best behavior, but also laugh in all the right places.

Eric Andre is on tour October 26 in Lansing, MI at Mac’s Bar until December 13 in Auckland, NZ at Sky City. His complete tour can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photos by Derek Rathbun.



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