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The Undercover Dream Lovers Release Funky New Single


Los Angeles’ The Undercover Dream Lovers make the kind of music you can get down to. Taking pieces from multiple spaces, their crafted sound is infectious and relaxed. Like a snippet of yacht rock intertwined with psych pop, their new single “Plane Ride” should get your feet moving or at least chill you out.

Mixing psych tones and dream pop, the band’s sound is chill while still having plenty of thump. With Tropicalia undertones and funky grooves, the track is immediate and doesn’t escape your senses. Blended with surf pop and chillwave melody, it’s not hard to see why the project has taken off in recent releases.

The song can be streamed on all platforms or purchased directly from the band or through all digital outlets. The Undercover Dream Lovers will be at Tropicalia Fest on November 10 in Pico Rivera, CA and at Fonda Theater on December 31 in Hollywood, CA. 

Image Credits: Photo by Rivka Rose.



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