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Elephant Heart Drops Infectious New Single


There’s a ton of pop music that feels like the same pop music that everyone makes. In a world where multiple producers work together to chop and recut vocals, it’s inevitable that will be the case. However when a band stands out from the herd, in today’s pop world they better really stand out. Luckily for the band Elephant Heart, that’s not an issue. Costumed and full of energy, their new video for the song “The Thunder” is just as interesting as the music itself, while definitely standing out.

The song has all of these elemental sounds that get it going before the synthesized tones begin hitting your ears. The beat clusters that integrate with the house beats create a sound that’s hard to shake. When the vocals come in, they just add to the hip hop inspired tones and just make you want to get down. The video is just as intriguing. Featuring the members riding in an older SUV, the imagery is a trip that makes you feel like you’re just beginning to peak.

The video can be viewed above as well as on YouTube. The song is available for digital purchase in all online music stores via BMG or it can be streamed on all streaming sites. There are no scheduled performance for Elephant Heart at this time.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Facci PR.



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