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Velveteen Echo Leaks Their New EP


We definitely keep our eyes peeled around here for new music and new artists. While Texas four piece Velveteen Echo isn’t exactly new, the way they construct their relaxed indie rock sound may be different than what you’re used to. Mixing soft vocals with dream pop undertones, the band has had a pretty solid whirlwind in their first couple of years together alone. Playing festival stages and performing with plenty of heavy hitters, their new EP Golden Ring brings plenty of soft touched tones into your ears with ease. Though the EP won’t be made available until November 07, you can stream it in its entirety here and soak up all of the loving tones it creates.

As we noted in past writings about the band, they make songs that have this approach that’s uncommon in today’s music world. The opener “Home” is a great example of that. Mixing bells and a tapping guitar tone with feather light vocals, the song feels like a warm blanket in the chill of night. It’s not in a hurry, and it shouldn’t be because it feels just right in how it falls on your ears. The nineties alt rock demeanor “Nuclear Family” will certainly stick with you, as will the EP’s closer “Atoms.” Both songs are drenched in alternative measures without coming off as copied.

But between those tracks, there’s a sandwiched coupling of tracks that fit here, but deter from the others. “Blade” employs instrumentation that’s not on most of the release. The drum machine that intertwines with the tender vocals and the guitars creates a mysterious tone that’s on the cusp of post punk while not really gong that far. “Wooded Path” follows its own road with echoing guitar and vocals that are short but also work. Our favorite song here comes on “With You.” Leading with drums before a pedal saturated guitar comes in gives the song a reference that feels deep and at times dark. The distanced vocals in the verse get met with melodious guitar that pulls you closer and closer, making it hard to forget the intricacies within. Golden Ring is a lot to unpack, even for a twenty minute release as it heartens you in a really memorable way.

Golden Ring can be streamed above all that you’d like. It can also be streamed on all platforms on November 07 or purchased in all digital music stores on the same date. Velveteen Echo will perform at Satellite Bar on November 23 to celebrate the EP release.

Image Credits: Photo by Jonathan Mazaltov.

David Garrick

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