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Earl Sweatshirt Gets Intense on Feet Of Clay


Any good creative writing professor should advise to get there faster when it comes to making a point about anything. After last year’s Some Rap Songs, it was obvious that Earl Sweatshirt didn’t want to release music that didn’t do just that. On his new surprise album Feet Of Clay, he drops seven tracks that don’t beat around the bush, while giving you some bangers in the process.

With the bulk of the tracks falling under the two minute mark, Earl doesn’t waste time. The entire release is a bit over fifteen minutes, though the primarily self-produced release covers a lot of ground in a short time frame. Earl jumps right in with verse on “74,” coming out and never looking back. The flow feels very in the moment with dark undertones in the rapper’s style. While “MTOMB” rolls slow and “OD” comes quick and disappears fast, the shine of the seven song release sparkles more with “EL TORO COMBO MEAL (feat.MAVI).” The rhymes flow fast underneath a chopped sample giving you a solid track that’s hard to ignore.

Though the track “4N (feat. Mach-Hommy) has plenty of sheen on it, the biggest stand out of the album comes with “EAST.” The organ lead Latin vibes come at a medium pace before the rhymes come in with Earl’s darker note and add a weight to a song that would sound up without them. Sweatshirt isn’t flexing here, as the bulk of the tracks start strong and don’t contain any fluff. But in a time when attention spans diminish by the hour, Earl Sweatshirt finds a way to hold you attention for the short amount of time he’s on the mic.

Feet of Clay is available to stream on all platforms, it can be purchased directly from Earl Sweatshirt or in all digital outlets via Tan Cressida/Warner Records. Earl Sweatshirt will appear at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles, CA on November 09.

Image Credits: Photo by Robert Mansel.



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