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New Lambchop EP Shows Another Side to Group


Lambchop is a band that when they release something,  most people get excited. Known for crafting well arranged music, there’s very little they could do that wouldn’t be phenomenal. Now out of the blue they’ve released a new EP titled Basement Tapes and it’s as extraordinary as you’d expect. A new song and two remixes, it’s a side to the band that shows how diverse they truly are.

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The opening track “So Modern and So Tight” utilizes a piano at the start before synthesized vocals come in and throw you for a loop. The easy going nature of the song creates a build that takes its time without getting sleepy. When the beats drop it just pulls you closer, echoing the strengths of the band. The Group Listening remix of “This IS What I Wanted to Tell You” is spacious and full of a dazzling tones that hone in on a very alluring grace that lifts the song further than the original. The Raven remix on “Crosswords, or What This Says About You” has a more trip hop meets house tone that turns the song into a bop that you can’t deny the power of.

Basement Tapes EP is available to stream on all services or purchase via Merge Records from all online music retailers. Lambchop is set to appear at Murmrr Theatre in New York, NY on November 02.

Image Credits: Photo by Steve Gullick.



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