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Charly Bliss Releases Surprise EP


Brooklyn’s Charly Bliss wowed us with their ultra-catchy new album Young Enough earlier this year. Taking their edges and smoothing them out, the band showed plenty of growth as songwriters with the full length. Now with more tour dates ahead, the band has released a new EP titled Supermoon and it’s just as magical.

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The opening track has all of the sparkle and indie rock jangle you’d want, which helps make “Feed” stay with you. The melodic notes and catchy structure will keep in your head well after you hear the song. In fact, that’s pretty much what these songs are. Catchy and upbeat, the leftover tracks from the band’s album are all noteworthy and it’s good we’re getting them into our ears.

While “heaven” has a dark and gurgled opening, its slower stride just makes it hit that much harder. The slower tempo makes the chorus that much more memorable with Eva Hendricks’ voice just soaking in deeper. The more alt rock touches of “Slingshot” give it a sound that reminds you of bands like Throwing Muses and The Muffs without feeling like a lift. However, with as strong as these tracks are, we were most impressed with “Threat.” For starters it has one of the best pre-chorus’ we’ve ever heard. There’s an organic hook in how the strong plays out where the vocals seems to dance between the well arranged instrumentation. The song gives us hope for the next album from the band, as it’s so well written that it’s on another level.

Supermoon is available to stream on all platforms, it can be purchased in all digital outlets or a very limited edition clear vinyl can be preordered directly from Barsuk Records. Charly Bliss is on tour tonight in Brighton, UK at Patterns until December 28 in Chicago, IL at Lincoln Hall. The band’s complete touring schedule can be located here

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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