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On Screamer, Third Eye Blind Doesn’t Live Up to Their Popularity


In the grand scale of nineties bands who blew up, there aren’t many going anymore and few are playing giant tours. This Summer we caught nineties heartthrobs Third Eye Blind on tour with Jimmy Eat World and we were impressed with their energy and stage presence. However on their new album Screamer they go a little too pop heavy and the overproduced tracks don’t hit like they do in person.

To be fair, the songs aren’t the issue here, though some of the lyrics seem strange to hear a guy in his mid-fifties sing. It’s the pop explosion and way too many pop production techniques that kills any energy the songs bring. In many ways it sounds like it was made for people who like that show “The Voice” over people who like alternative rock. In fact, after multiple listens, you’re hard pressed to find a rock band within these songs.

Also, it may have been cool to use foul language in your youth, but doing so just to do so when you’re older is just weak songwriting. There are moments where the band sounds like a second rate Maroon 5 or worse. With all of this, if you accept the pop touches and over production, the best song on the album is “The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)” and that’s about it. Second comings for bands are difficult to come by, which we know Jenkins knows to be true. Maybe this is his best attempt, but we hope we get an actual rock album on his next try.

Screamer is available to stream on all platforms, it can be purchased in all digital storefronts or directly from the band. Third Eye Blind is on tour tonight in Hamburg, Germany at KNUST until December 31 in Las Vegas, NV at House of Blues Las Vegas. The band’s complete tour schedule can be located here.

Image Credits: Photo by Danny Nolan.



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