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New Basic Plumbing Track Released Ahead of Upcoming Final Album


Last year when Patrick Doyle of bands Boys Forever and Veronica Falls passed away suddenly, it left a hole in the hearts of his fan base. The prolific songwriter was in multiple projects and gave people songs that were ahead of their years in many ways. Now ahead of an upcoming full length set for release in January, his project Basic Plumbing will release a final album. That album, Keeping Up Appearances should be worthy of the world’s time while proceeds are set to go towards CALM+LA’s LGBT Center, the new single “Constant Attention” is a wondrous track that cannot be denied.

The jangle pop touches of the track were meant to and do remind you of early R.E.M. in how they fall on your ears. The long opening before the quieted vocals come in have graces of bedroom pop intertwined with eighties college rock. Doyle doesn’t hesitate to draw you closer with his tender voice and his upbeat pacing of the song, giving you more reason to be a bigger fan than you already are.

The song can be streamed above or on Soundcloud. Keeping Up Appearances is available for preorder ahead of its January 24 release directly from Bandcamp. You can also donate directly to the Los Angeles LGBT Center here.

Image Credits: Photo by Patrick Doyle.



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