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Terry Allen Drops Two New Songs From Just Announced New Album


It’s always been the way that Terry Allen has a lot on his plate. Aside from being a celebrated writer and painter, the Texas outlaw has always made music that stood the test of time while treading new territory. Ahead of his upcoming full length Just Like Moby Dick, Allen has released two new songs that should pull you closer to his beam of well crafted sounds.

On “Death of the Last Stripper,” Allen brings his tale teller side to the mix. With backing female vocals as Allen lays out the story, you’re reminded of Allen’s earlier works where he was just an artist telling a story. With easy going sway and swagger he’s become known for, it sounds like Allen at his best in years. “City of the Vampires (feat. Kru Allen and Shannon McNally),” Allen is more upbeat with a happier pacing. Both featured artists compliment Allen’s vocals and style wonderfully and give the song a bit of a boost. Allen sounds more youthful than he has in a while here, making us excited for what the album will ultimately sound like when it gets released.

Both songs can be streamed on all platforms and Just Like Moby Dick is available to preorder directly from Paradise of Bachelors ahead of its January 24 release. Terry Allen & the Panhandle Mystery Band will perform at Paramount Theater in Austin, TX on January 18. 

Image Credits: Photo by Barbara FG.



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