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Neil Young & Crazy Horse Don’t Disappoint on Colorado


In some ways it’s hard to believe that Neil Young is over seventy years old. In other ways, it’s obvious but not through his music. The old man yelling at the sky phase hasn’t come into his music, though Young isn’t a Spring Chicken either. At seventy three, you shouldn’t expect a rock album from anyone, even someone who’s always done them better than most. With all of that it should be noted that he & Crazy Horse’s new album Colorado, is their strongest offering in many years.

To be fair, it’s not a rock album in today’s terms. Though it is a traditional rock release, Young takes gentle steps at times to give you his sound away from his solo works. The opener “Think Of Me” starts with a harmonica and drums before Young’s signature voice trickles in. The dual backing vocals make for a nice touch, adding weight to the upbeat track.

With “She Showed Me Love” the song has that gurgled distortion that Young has utilized with prior Crazy Horse albums. Not fast, but also not slow, Young and company put their best feet forward. “Green is Blue” evokes that traditional rock structure again, harkening back to an era when bands had a more open space to operate in. Young gets soft at times within the song, yet it works with a heft that isn’t there when he’s rocking out. And while “Eternity”offers a more sing song approach and “Shut It Down” goes full on rock distortion, our favorite track is its own thing.

“Help Me Lose My Mind” has the greatest perspective in terms of how it gets arranged and orchestrated. Young sounds spry at times with how the guitar reminds you of R.E.M. or Replacements. The organic feeling that the guitar lends to your ears works here, showcasing that when Young wants to release a rock record he can do so better than many.

Colorado is available to stream on all streaming sites or purchase in all digital music stores. It can also be purchased in hi-res audio from Orastream or physically directly from Warner Records. There are no tour dates for Neil Young right now, though that may change.

Image Credits: Photo by DH Lovelife.

David Garrick

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