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Frances Quinlan Single is Creatively Glorious


For a while now, we’ve been big fans of the band Hop Along. There’s always been something about how the band structures their songs around Frances Quilan’s voice that’s just extraordinary. Now it seems that Frances Quinlan is ready to take on a solo project with a new album set for release in late January. The album titled Likewise should be wondrous, as the lead single “Rare Thing” is not only beautifully crafted, but also a bit away from what you may expect.

With an arpeggio based synth and a clap based beat, Quinlan’s voice gets to dance above the music and take on its own life. The vocals become their own focus while the music plays underneath in the prettiest way possible. When the energy ticks up you’re already locked in and the pacing focuses your attention in the moment. The diversity of how the strong is structured is definitely welcomed, steering the track away from the norm and surprising you in multiple moments.

“Rare Thing” is available to stream on all streaming sites. Likewise is available to preorder directly from Saddle Creek ahead of its January 31 release on multiple formats. Frances Quinlan is on tour beginning January 15 in London, UK at The Lexington until March 14 in San Diego, CA at The Casbah. Her complete tour schedule is located here

Image Credits: Photo by Julia Khoroshilov.



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