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OMNI Cleans Up Nicely on Networker


Atlanta trio Omni have always made the kind of post punk that bands like Wire and PIL would admire. Full of jangled notes and dark tons, they’ve never really steered too far from those sounds. However on their new album Networker they open the doors a bit on their sound and the result is magnetic and refreshing.


The opening track “Sincerely Yours” has those cutting guitar tones mixed with a sound that’s closer to The Kinks than modern bands. The deadpan vocals blend perfectly with the cut and precise instrumentation. This more straight post punk sound is definitely inviting to your ears. But with that the band opens up on tracks like “Courtesy Call” and “Underage.” While keeping their core post punk sound, they tray new arrangements with heavier instrumentation that works like you wouldn’t believe.

Songs like the meandering tones of “Skeleton Key” and the darkwave graces of “Present Tense” help cement this exploration in sounds as a good choice. Where other songs like “Flat Earth” with its terse and tense underpinnings or the more exploratory lounge sound of “Networker” show new additions in how they operate. Our favorite song here though comes with “Moat.” More of that snarling and post modern post punk sound, the band still does this sound better than most while gently discovering the expanse of new ideas within the genre. It all works and the album is catchy enough to play on repeat for hours because of the approach taken here.

Networker can be purchased on multiple physical formats from Sub Pop Records or digitally in all online music stores. It can also be streamed on all streaming sites. Omni is on tour November 11 in Hamburg, Germany at Molotov until December 16 in Highland Park, CA at Lodge Room. Their complete tour routing can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Kayla Thornton.

David Garrick

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